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Mother's Day Gift Guide

I was scouring the internet this week for Mother's Day gift inspiration when I had the idea to compile all of the things my mom and I are currently obsessed with into one big gift guide. My mom is one of my favorite people; she's kind, funny, empathetic, and selfless. While we have our share of fights and bad days, she's someone who always has my back no matter what, and I hope to one day be the kind of mom that she is to me. Since we're still housebound, it was fun to spend some time together on the couch making these guides and watching old Kardashian reruns. Some of these items we already love & use every day, while others are on our wishlists too. Whether you're a mom looking to add some cute goodies to your wishlist or a broke college student looking for something for an important woman in your life, these guides have something for everyone! As always, every item is linked below so you can directly shop my posts!


Starting off with our personal favorite, the coziest things in life. It's important now more than ever to fill your space up with things you love, and each one of these gifts is sure to make your heart happy. I gave my mom the $20 diamond studs last year for Mother's day and she wears them literally all the time (including in the photo above!). This year she fell in love with the Hermes Blanket dupe we found on Amazon, so I'm ordering it for her in grey. The real blanket retails for over $1,500 (yikes), and the dupe is only $60!


One of the things I admire about my mom is that she has such a good eye for interior design and is always able to find the beauty in something seemingly ordinary. Some of these items she picked, like the circular shelf and woven basket, have followed me from dorm to apartment in college, and are great staples for adding a bit of dimension and texture to a room. My current obsessions are the clothing rack under $100 and the jewlery organizer, both from Amazon. I love displaying my things in ways that are pleasing to look at, and both of these items are super cute ways to organize your stuff.


Since no one can go to the spa right now, we're bringing the spa to you. My mom's favorite picks are the Dr. Brandt Exfoliator and Needles no More Serum. In her words "they're anti-aging magic". I also use the exfoliant about 1-2 times a week and it's literally like getting microdermabrasion for a fraction of the cost (helps fight dark spots, acne, and wrinkles). We found them half-off at Walmart, but they can also be found at Sephora! In addition, all of the tools we link come highly recommended by dermatologists for removing blackheads, de-clogging pores, and making your skincare regime so much more effective (and are super affordable!).

Lastly, I've been adding facial massages to my daily skincare regimen, and they have been so good for lymphatic drainage and de-puffing the face. During allergy season I tend to get sinus pain, and two tools I recently started using to alleviate it are the ice roller and gua sha. I use the gua sha to massage any excess liquid in my face out at night, and in the morning I love to use the ice roller to cool my face! It feels soooo good and is perf for alleviating sinus pressure (it also just really wakes up your face, I feel so much more alert after using it).


So I know cooking isn't everyone's thing (we aren't exactly chefs either), but we gathered up all of our cookware staples that make the day a little easier/brighter! One of my favorites is the Nespresso Maker & milk frother. Literally, if you take nothing else away from this post please get this, YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE!! It makes coffee so much yummier by actually mixing in your toppings/flavors instead of just having them sink to the bottom of your drink. Our favorite way to make coffee right now is brewing some espresso, heating up oat milk, then adding cinnamon and frothing it in the milk for about 15 seconds. Then just add the cinammony goodness to the coffee and froth some more! Soooooo good, it's an absolute game-changer (it even comes with a cute little stand so you can display it on your counter).

My mom also loves the colander and serving bowl, they're great for everyday use and are a gorgeous color!


I hope these guides were helpful for picking out a gift for someone important, or maybe you found one or two things to treat yourself with. While some might not be able to physically be with their moms during this time, a thoughtful gesture or reminder that you're appreciative of them goes such a long way. Here's to all the badass moms, moms-to-be, and the strong, influential women in our lives!

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