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How to Revamp Your Work Space While in Quarantine

For many of us, self-isolating has required that we either attend classes or work from home. It can be difficult find a new routine amidst all of the chaos and distraction that being home brings. One way I've been able to find a new normal is through re-organizing & updating my space. Having a place to work that inspires you and incorporates your personal style is a great way to spark some creativity! I have no shortage of random decorations and furniture that I've collected over the years in college, so I took this as an opportunity to go through some old boxes and repurpose my favorite items. I even got motivated to redo my bathroom, so I'm including that in this post as well!

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You do You

Don't try to directly copy someone else's style you see on instagram. Social media can be a great source of inspiration when redecorating, but it's important to not to feel pressured to exactly replicate someone else's home- yours should be unique just like you! When you're scrolling through Pinterest & find the perfect bedroom or office space, think about what you like about it (a color, theme, texture, etc.) and incorporate those elements in your own space.

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Good Lighting is Everything

Since we aren't able to go outside much these days, good lighting is more important than ever! (Can you get your vitamin D from a desk lamp? Asking for a friend). Adding a chic desk or floor lamp can be both a great accessory and a way to brighten up your desk.


Less is More

In order to be authentic, you have to let your decor grow over time. Just like you, your home is always evolving and growing, and your workplace should be an expression of that! Don't feel pressure to get it all done in one day, because you'll end up with excess junk you don't need & spending more than you intended to. Essentially, if you cram your space full of stuff all at once you won't have room to add on and evolve your style. Leave room for pieces you fall in love with down the line, or souvenirs you pick up along the way.


Keeping it Uniform

Cluster like-things together. You create a vignette or experience when you put similarly colored or shaped things together. Start by buying things in sets and of the same color scheme to create the illusion of a pattern. I made these cute collages by printing out images from pinterest (4x4 & 6x4) and using mod podge to stick them to 8x10 canvases.


Add Some Green

Having a plant at your desk or sink is a great way to breathe some life into your home. Simply put, plants just make people happy! If you are worried about keeping one alive there are lots of cheap, cute options I'm linking below. (I know this isn't technically my work area but I thought these plants were super cute & wanted to share anyways. Also a good skincare routine takes a lot of discipline so I think this should count as a work space too but that's just me!)


Incorporate a Pop of Color

Always think about a pop. Don't be afraid to experiment with new colors and patterns, because this can be a great way to shake up your look and gives a space interest. A good starting place is to think about the colors you have chosen already and go bolder or complimentary. This way you can get some dimension without clashing with your look.


Throw a Fresh Coat of Paint on it

Spray paint is a beautiful thing. Adding an accent wall or spray painting old items a trendy color is an inexpensive way to give your space a whole new vibe. I repainted my bathroom so I wanted to include it in this post to show what a new paint color can do. I even spray painted that old frame gold! It only cost me $16 for two quarts to do this whole room, and I used the color Intimate White from Sherwin-Williams.


Organize Everything

An organized workspace is a treat for the eyes, and makes day to day work so much easier. I know personally if an item isn't accessible I'll end up forgetting about it, so knowing right where everything is kept makes life that much simpler. Separate pens and post-its with drawer dividers, and keep items in organized bins to fully utilize shelf space.


Does it Spark Joy?

In the words of my favorite organizing consultant Marie Kondo, only hold onto the items that are sure to spark joy. It's important to surround yourself with useful and delightful items that bring you happiness in your everyday life. This can be in the form of a functional and beautiful statement piece, or as simple as your favorite books & a candle.

(Food always sparks the most joy for me, so I always keep my favorite snacks in my drawer)

I hope this post inspired you to try something new in your workspace or living area! Happy decorating!

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