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Create & Cultivate LA 2020

This past week, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to California and attend the Create & Cultivate LA 2020 Conference! As a graduating senior, I'm actively seeking out opportunities to grow and learn from women in the workforce that are breaking down barriers and shattering the glass ceiling, so this was an amazing experience that offered all sorts of insights and new connections. I got to hear from a wide variety of panels and keynote speakers about everything from building a brand with purpose to the importance of social entrepreneurship. Some of my favorite speakers included Eva Mendez, Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad, and Jessica Simpson.

For those that haven't heard of it, Create & Cultivate gathers the next generation of curious creatives, entrepreneurs and bosses to spark conversation around all the topics relevant to modern working women. They have hosted conferences all over the country, and continue to attract thousands of attendees every year. At Create & Cultivate you are able to meet other talented, like-minded women, all while learning tips and tricks from some of the best in the business. It's basically a kickass, female-led community of self-starters and creatives that are passionate about teaching others their secrets to success and lessons they have learned along the way.

It was honestly unlike any conference I have ever attended, because in addition to gaining access to a highly curated, impactful one-day program of workshops, you also get to enjoy one-on-one mentor sessions and panels, as well as delicious cocktails, food, pop-up shops, photo booths, gift bags, and more. (I can promise you I went to every booth and took advantage of all of the amazing giveaways their brand partners were offering, such as free handbags, face products, and even SHOES)! They truly created an unforgettable experience that I can say was one of the most memorable, inspiring, and fun days of my life. I met so many new boss babes and got to do some great networking in an amazing and beautiful environment. It was a great reminder that women do not have to compromise their femininity to be taken seriously in the boardroom, and the leaders I got to hear from not only recognize this but are able to put their personal style and sense of individuality into everything they do.

If you are working towards turning your side hustle into a full-time job or interested in entrepreneurship/ owning your own business, this conference is for you. During my one-on-one sessions I got to ask questions and get technical advice from CEOs Anine Bing and Lindsay Albanese, both of which are pioneers in the industry I am trying to get into. It is an amazing change to get face-to-face time with these boss babes, and I was even able to speak with one of the keynote speakers after applying to work at her company. You never know who you could meet or what could come of passing along your business card to the right person, but you definitely have to get out there and make it happen.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the day, I hope they inspire you like they did me:

“I don’t believe in failed businesses. When a project isn’t successful, that’s when I learn the most” - Eva Mendes

"All you can do is work really really hard to get in a position where you can show kindness to other women." - Lauren Conrad

“I've never been the person to follow trends, I just stay true to who I am. Everyone is telling you to be a certain way to make money, and I've never bought into that.” - Tia Mowry

“Don’t sit and ponder too long about what you’ll do, otherwise you’ll never get off the ground.” - Tera Peterson

“Being an optimist doesn’t mean skipping around fields or always having a perfect day, it’s about being someone that sees setbacks as temporary and knowing you have the power to overcome them.” - Dr. Deepika Chopra

“I’ve realized how important it is to trust in your own abilities. You realize no one really knows what they're doing, so when you get comfortable with your skills and start trusting yourself it changes the game.” - Kristyn Clark

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