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5 DIY Tie-Dye Looks

Are you even stuck in the house if you aren't constantly baking bread and tie-dying all of your clothes for no reason? I am currently loving the whole psychedelic trend, but when stores are trying to sell tie-dye crop tops for upwards of $50, I can't get behind it. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and upcycle some old pieces I had lying around the house. I wanted to share with yall what I used and how the final products turned out. Soooo without further ado, here is the world premiere of my first tik tok to walk you through the process (If you would like to leave me a like on there it would be greatly appreciated!) :

Super simple, and fairly inexpensive if you are able to use items you already own. (Especially when compared to what most companies are selling pieces like these for). I'm a big advocate of re-wearing and finding new ways to style old clothes. I think it's always good to hold on to pieces you really loved, because you never know when certain trends will come back in style or when you might need a super random item for a costume party or event. (I actually have a box in my closet with a few of my favorite clothing and shoes from over the years that I hope to pass down if I have kids).

I am including some close-ups of my tie-dye concoctions below, as well as how to style each look and where I got everything (I used the brand Rit Dye)!


Pink Workout Set Of My Dreams

This set came out so. stinkin. cute.! I honestly have been feeling a bit self-conscious about weight gain during quarantine, but this cute set made me feel so confident and feminine that I have been wearing it almost every day. I know these emotions are shared by a lot of people right now who haven't been able to maintain their fitness routine or stick to their regular diet, but doing things that make my body feel good (working out because it makes me feel strong, eating good food because it fuels my body, and wearing things that inspire confidence) have really helped me get past those negative emotions and feel good in my skin.

I used the color Rose Quartz to make this vibrant pink, and the bra is from walmart!


Long Sleeve Tee with Matching Headband

After dying this top, I was able to crop it (I used one of my favorite cropped tops to figure out the length I wanted, then just cut across as evenly as I could with a sharp pair of scissors). The matching headband actually came about accidentally when I was messing around with the excess fabric I cut off the shirt. I just looped it and twisted once, and BAM, I got the most adorable psychedelic headband. The long-sleeve top came from Joann Fabrics for only $9. I used the shades Tan and Rose Quartz to get this color.


Bleached Sports Bra

Everyone has been experimenting with bleaching clothes, and I think it's a brilliant way to add some dimension to ordinary things. I picked up a cheap black sports bra from Walmart, then scrunched up the fabric and tied it with bands like normal tie-dye, and squirted bleach all over. I only kept the bleach on it for about 8 minutes (don't leave it on any longer than 10 because it will start to eat away at the fabric), then rinsed with cold water in the sink and ran it through the washing machine once. I paired it with my fave Urban Outfitters Hat, leggings and a cute jean jacket from Zara, but this would also be perfect with matching bleached sweats.


Nude Sweatshirt

I bought this hoodie like 2 years ago and completely forgot about it until now. I found it at H&M originally, and it is great for around the house during summer or to layer with in the winter. You could pair it with some cozy shorts or joggers & add some chunky white sneakers for a casual look. I used the shade Camel to dye.


Oversized T-Shirt

I tucked it into a pair of shorts, but an oversized T-shirt can be worn so many ways! You could put it over a skirt, wear it as a t-shirt dress, or put a cute cardigan over it around the house. I mixed rose quartz and grey to dye.

It was super therapeutic making these old gems new again, and can't wait to wear each look this Summer. I hope this was helpful and inspired you to find ways to be trendy without breaking the bank!

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