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Over Spring Break 2019, I travelled to Cozumel Mexico with my close friends. This was my first time ever going to Mexico, and it was just as beautiful as everyone always describes it! The highlight of the trip was visiting Playa Mia, a picturesque view of tropical paradise. We enjoyed hiking the beach, tanning, and trying the fresh food at the resort. The most fun part was doing all of the water activities at the resort, such as paddle boarding, boating, and completing an obstacle course that was probably intended only for kids but I totally dominated. I am so glad I have adventurous friends that like to do these ridiculous things with me because we make the most fun memories together. Overall it was such a relaxing trip and a much-needed break from student life. I had so much fun bonding with my friends and just taking a few days to explore a new country, something we had never done before as a group! I highly recommend Cozumel for college students looking to take an inexpensive, low maintenance trip. There are several other attractions to check out in the city, such as Jeep excursions, snorkelling, visiting the coral reefs, and touring the ancient archaeological site of San Gervasio. Cozumel is also known for its vanilla, which sounds super random but you'll understand once you try it (I snagged a couple of bottles & they make great gifts!). I definitely plan on going back to Cozumel, and hope to visit other parts of Mexico as well! 

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