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Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would work at a law firm. I am a communication gal through and through, and the extent of my knowledge about law comes from binge-watching How to Get Away With Murder. However, I got to live out my Elle Woods fantasy this past summer when I was hired by The McCraw Law Group as a Social Media Intern. The McCraw Law Group is a personal injury law firm based in my hometown, McKinney, TX. Just like many businesses looking to grow, they wanted to utilize social media and create a new position at the firm that incorporated the missing analytical component and expertise of truly knowing how to utilize the many different platforms. (That's where I came in). I was lucky to find a firm that understood the value in social media marketing and was open to someone from a younger generation coming in and offering new insights into how they could scale their business through an effective digital presence. This was my first opportunity to see first hand how improving a business' online traffic drives sales and increases the bottom line. I had the opportunity to rebrand their social media platforms, create content, launch social media campaigns, analyze insights, and compile results from our firm's numerous accounts. I assisted in several projects, including the monthly newsletter, promoting their First Responders Scholarship, and producing several videos for their YouTube channel. 

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