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By far, my favorite part of travelling through Asia was Japan. It was everything you expect it to be and more- robots, anime, great nightlife, even better food, and the best people. Japan was just pure fun, and it was such a privilege to be able to learn about its unique culture and enjoy the beautiful country. On my first day I took a city tour, which is a great way to knock off things on your to-do list if you are in a time crunch or on a budget. We visited iconic spots including the Asakusa Temple, Shibuya Crossing, the Asahi Building, and so much more.

Harajuku has my whole heart. Takeshita Street (The part of Tokyo you have probably seen all over Instagram with the best fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants) was iconic, and it was so exciting getting to finally experience all of the unique food I had been pining after online for so long. There was one day I dedicated to just eating rainbow foods (cotton candy, grilled cheese, lemonade, paste, etc.) and I can't recommend it enough. My must-see places include Totti Candy Factory, Santa Monica Crepes, Eddy's Ice Cream Factory, Le Shiner, Chao Bamboo, and Kawaii Monster Cafe.  

The Robot Restaurant was another highlight, and an absolute must if you ever find yourself in the city of Tokyo. When you google Tokyo this is attraction is often one of the first online recommendations, and rightfully so. The show features huge 10-foot tall robots of all different kinds performing crazy stunts in coordination with actors. You can order food for the show, but there are so many great restaurants nearby I would recommend eating somewhere else before so you can take in the whole performance without distractions. 

I also highly recommend the Team Lab interactive digital art experience. I haven't ever seen anything like this on my life, and the stunning visuals are something that will always remind me of Japan. This exhibit takes a few hours to get through and features room after room of holographic, futuristic art you can literally become a part of.

I cannot recommend Japan highly enough! Every day brought new experiences and I didn't even get to all of the things I wanted to do. Overall I thought Japan was super easy to get around and very English-friendly, so I felt confident doing things like ordering in restaurants or shopping. We learned after several train rides that it is VERY worth it to invest in a Japan Rail Pass in advance because it will save you so much money and is the easiest way to get from city to city. Japan was much larger than I expected, and even though I spent every second there trying new things, it still has so much to offer that I didn't get to explore. I hope to go back one day and see cities like Kyoto and Osaka, hike some of Mount Fuji, and even (fingers crossed) meet a geisha. 

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