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One of the most meaningful and influential experiences I've had in College is serving as Vice President of Communications for Xi Chapter of AOII. After serving as assistant to the previous VPC, I fell in love with social media. I became obsessed with planning shoots, editing content, and growing our following. I strongly believe that everything a business puts on social media should serve a purpose, and this belief motivated me to make every post something that would strengthen our brand. I spent countless hours curating social content that paired captivating photos, videos, and graphics with inspired captions and copy to stand out in the scroll. I was truly blessed to have the coolest job- I got to be creative every day while empowering my sisters and promoting the chapter that has given me so much! My content was featured on the Alpha Omicron Pi National Account several times, and Xi Chapter received an award for Excellence in Communications at the 2019 International Convention.  

One of my biggest goals was to create original, on-trend content for all social media platforms, and in order to achieve this goal, I worked with my committee of photographers and creatives to conceptualize and execute several photoshoots. It was a fun way for girls to get some new Instagram pics all while bonding with their sisters and building their confidence. We were able to utilize this content across several channels, such as newsletters, the official AOII website, and all social media. Here are a few shots we captured over the year: 

Photographers: Hayley Bezdek, Sarah Cermak, Meg Rosprim, Lionel Fombel, Brandon Goodman 

My biggest project was directing and producing the 2019 PR video. I had very limited experience in videography prior to this project, so I was thankful for an opportunity to grow and learn. With the help of my committee and assistants, I was able to pick a concept, write the script, choose locations, background music, and coordinate shots. It took a lot of hard work (hours spent organizing props, finding a videographer, coordinating with the girls in each scene, editing in post-production, etc.) but it ended up being such a fun and rewarding experience! 

I also got to jump behind the camera and grow in my photography skills. Here are a few of my favorite captures: 

Overall, I am so thankful to have been able to hold this position, because without it I would not have been able to grow in my skills and confidence as a social media coordinator. While being VPC gave me several benefits, it also challenged me in ways I haven't been before. There are so many behind the scenes decisions that go into social media management; from planning photoshoots, post-production, managing content, writing captions and maintaining an effective social media schedule; it is easily a full-time job. As your platform grows and more and more eyes view your work, it can be easy to become uncertian. I learned to trust myself and grew to understand that as long as I was putting out my best work and staying true to my vision, I couldn't go wrong.

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